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The Best Industrial Pavers in the Midwest

Are You Ready For Spring?

February 18, 2016

cracked asphaltWith spring around the corner, it's time to identify your paving problems and take the proper steps to ensure they don't get out of hand. There is no question that a parking lot takes a beating all winter long.  In many climates, just the temperature swings alone are enough to cause accelerated deterioration.  Constant freeze / thaw cycles cause expansion and contraction (cracks) increasing the risk of water infiltration. Then the water freezes, expands the cracks further, and compounds the problem even more.

Adding stress to the parking lot is the brutal effect of daily traffic; also it receives its share of small (and large) fuel and chemical spills and leaks from automobiles, equipment, etc. Even our warm and friendly sun adds to the negative effects.  By constantly spreading its ultraviolet rays, it helps cause further deterioration by increasing the rate of oxidation and causing the asphalt to become dry and brittle. The result? A greater risk of cracking and more water infiltration.

All of those factors combined make for an uphill battle when it comes to properly maintaining your parking lot.  At Briggs Paving, we use our experienced staff to develop a maintenance plan that is custom designed to fit your specifics needs

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